We're on a mission to make Canadian women's health guidelines easy to understand and effortless to stay on top of.

Dr. Caitlin Schwartz and Dr. Suzanne Rutherford first met during their Family Medicine Residency at the University of Ottawa. One day over coffee, their conversation turned to the challenges that both women and their doctors face while trying to manage their preventative health. Why wasn’t there an easy way for Canadian women to find out what screening tests they need, how often they need them and receive reminders when they are due?  Why was this information spread amongst so many different websites, making it hard to find, and nearly impossible for patients to personalize?  Surely there was an app for that? And just like that, the Women's Health Information Tool (WHIT) was born...

The Team

Caitlin Schwartz

Co-founder & CEO

Dr. Caitlin Schwartz  co-owns and operates the large family health clinic in Ottawa where she practices comprehensive family medicine with an emphasis on women and children's health. She is actively involved with medical student and resident teaching as a Lecturer at the University of Ottawa.

As a busy mom of three young boys, she understands how difficult it can be to keep track of personal preventative health information, and is passionate about making this easy and accessible for all women.

Suzanne Rutherford

Co-founder & CMO

Dr. Suzanne Rutherford is a practicing physician in family, emergency, inpatient  and palliative medicine.  She co-owns and operates a practice of 12 physicians in a community south of Ottawa.  She is an Associate Professor at the University of Ottawa and is a clinical educator for the Eastern Regional Medical Education Program.  

Dr. Rutherford aims to improve the health of Canadian women by providing comprehensive preventative health information that is easily available and understandable.

Monica Higgins
BDes, MASc

Creative & Product

Monica is a User Experience designer and researcher at TELUS Health. She's passionate about working in and designing for Healthcare - an industry in some serious need of some 'experience' analysis!

Monica has 10 years of experience in the design industry and stays active in local UX, tech and healthcare communities in Ottawa. She has been on the organizing committee for CanUX and IoT613 conferences.